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SAFETY ! Timely fumigation is essential


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What is fumigation?

Fumigation is a method of pest control whereby gaseous pesticides or fumigants completely fills an area to suffocate or poison the pest within.

It is used to control pest in buildings, soil, grains and produce. All forms of insects such as woodborers, termites, bugs, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, gecko lizards and other reptiles need to be fumigated.

Reasons for fumigation

The importance of this process is not far fetched, which ranges from the elimination of vector diseases such as malaria, cholera, sleeping sickness from our environment, to avoid destruction of lives and properties and also to avoid the transfer of exotic pests during importation and exportation. Industrial fumigation is also crucial as it reassures that the produce is not affected by pest s and no exotic pest is migrated.

How to fumigate

Generally, it is a legal requirement that the operator who carries out the fumigation operation holds official certification to perform the fumigation as the chemicals used are toxic and must not fall in to the category of banned chemicals such as DBCP, EDB, Dieldin, Chlorodine form, HCH, DDT, DNOC etc, for human ecological safety. An expert fumigator will put in to consideration, how corrosive, how reactive, how flammable and the physiological activities of the compounds in the fumigant.

Consult a fumigator

Government recognized environmental consultant with a wide range of experience in industrial fumigation, warehouse fumigation, building fumigation, ship fumigation and other areas of fumigation process is AZMARINEBERG.


It is recommended that homes,factories, offices, vehicles, ships, tents, warehouses be fumigated timely for safety reasons by consulting an ACCREDITED ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANT.

Johnson Daniel Bolaji



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