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Know your aim and objective in life now

I want to believe you read our previous post, knowing what, out want out of life, deciding on your true definition of wealth is knowing you aim, that’s what your goal, your target is, that’s the reason why you are existing, the reason why you start that business, the reason why you start that job. I believe you have gotten your aim clear and you can share without people feeling bad or (more…)

What is your definition of wealth?

Secretly we all believe that money is important, and if you are clamoring to be wealthy or get out of poverty, this wtite up is for you. Your own definition of wealth is how far you can go in life financially, its a set target, a standard for your existence, anyone that says money is not important definately haven’t do without if for a long time.
Some difine wealth as the number of (more…)

You Worth More

Don’t ever think you don’t worth more than you are being paid, you worth more, don’t be taken for granted and don’t underestimate your worth. Be proactive in what ever you do, convince your employer you are, to be paid more, there is greatness within you, you should always think you are to be paid highest in the same field (more…)

Johnson Daniel Bolaji