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Learn to play the game of ‘WHAT IF?’

When deciding how to earn your money and how to invest it, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions starting with “what if?”
What if there is another recession?
What if the weather changes?
What if gold price falls?
What if oil runs out?
What if the bank goes bust and I can’t get my money out?
While doing this, (more…)


It is not a financial slavery statement to spend less than you earn, if you can’t, then earn more than you spend.

The reason for this is not far fetch, you need to be able to control your financial emotion, don’t spend before you earn, earn before you spend.
How can you do this? The first thing is (more…)

Make a million dollar using this selling skill

Why you need to sell

The reason why you need to sell no matter what you do is not far fetched you need to sell, your self, like selling your skills, professionalism, services etc, you also could sell goods, other peoples products,goods and services, your precious time is part of what you also need to sell.
It is often clear that successful people are good sellers and marketers, they don’t lack money because they always have something to sell.
so many people shy  away from selling and marketing not knowing that is the only way you could earn money, if (more…)

Johnson Daniel Bolaji