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Candy Crush Trick … Get full lives without waiting

Just recently, for some unknown reasons I have been crazily addicted to playing Candy crush, a game I used to hate and classified as a lady’s game, I don’t know why?
Surprisingly, I can’t go one hour without playing it now. However, one thing I hate about the game is having to wait for thirty minutes to get a live. You know how many levels I would have cleared in that time?

This torture continued for a while until I concluded that I was going to find my way around it and I did, yes I did it!
I will cut the story short and go straight to the point.

How to get full lives on candy crush without waiting…

To get full lives on candy crush without waiting one second all you have to do is change your phone’s time to a future time.

For example, if my lives on candy crush empties around 3:23, originally I’ll have to wait thirty minutes to get one life.
The trick here is pushing your phone time to when next you’ll get a life.
For example, if you change your phone’s time to 3:53 you’ll get one life (skipping the thirty minutes you’d have had to wait) and if you push it about three hours ahead, you’ll get a full set of lives.

Now I enjoy my candy crush without any hindrances using this trick. It works like charm, comment if it works for you, you can also drop your own trick in the comment field.

Johnson Daniel Bolaji