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Know your aim and objective in life now

I want to believe you read our previous post, knowing what, out want out of life, deciding on your true definition of wealth is knowing you aim, that’s what your goal, your target is, that’s the reason why you are existing, the reason why you start that business, the reason why you start that job. I believe you have gotten your aim clear and you can share without people feeling bad or (more…)



A lot of people are busy analyzing and being skeptical about the government and all their hopes are placed on the government to pay their bills, and take care of them. Since the 80’s and even before, financial economy is derailing and the room to accommodate the masses shrinks day to day. It is high (more…)


Nearly every human being, organizations, firms, business owners, churches, mosques, traveler, young and old have a vision. It is good to have a vision, it is a good way of life, it safes nation and individual from being perish. Your vision can be unique or probably someone somewhere in the world (more…)

Johnson Daniel Bolaji