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Environmental Emergency Precautions and Preparedness

Ogun state embarks on water extraction control scheme

This post is sponsored by AZMARINEBERG LIMITED (Accredited Environmental Consultant)

We are in a world which is fast polluted and disintegrated chiefly by human activities which include uncontrolled fishing, mining, quarrying, water abstraction, drilling, bush burning, fertilizer application, application of insecticides and herbicides, toxic waste disposal, construction, evacuation, ore extraction, gas flaring and other uncontrolled industrial activities that destroys our environment due to negligence.

Some of the destructions that may be caused to our environment by the named uncontrolled activities include the depletion of the ozone layer, (more…)


mainspring blog health and fitness

It is often not new anymore what’s happening around the world today where people died, at early stage of life, this has drawn the attention of medical experts and world bodies on the reasons have to care about a healthy living. Mainspring blog is so much interested in the wellness of its fan, that is why today, we are ready to walk you through the important facet of your health. Generally, there are three stages of life as far as health is concerned: (more…)

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